Best Ever Paleo Gravy

What is your FAVORITE side dish or MUST HAVE for Thanksgiving? Comment below I want to know! There are certain things I can’t give up on thanksgiving.  Mash potatoes and gravy are on the top of my list.  Here is healthy twist on gravy! PALEO GRAVY INGREDIENTS: 2 T of butter – dairy or non [...]


Cranberry Orange Salad

CRANBERRY ORANGE SALAD A fresh twist on a classic a combination of cranberry and orange.  Perfect with your Thanksgiving turkey or weekend roast chicken! INGREDIENTS: 1 C quinoa 2 C water 2 large leaves of kale 2 cup cranberries, fresh 2 T extra-virgin olive oil 1 tsp honey 2 T Orange zest, grated 6 small [...]


Turkey or Ham for Thanksgiving?

What do you prefer for thanksgiving TURKEY, HAM or BOTH?  Comment below ⬇️Thanksgiving is themed with abundance, but it turns into OVERINDULGENCE. I remember growing up this was the time of year my brothers were transitioning from football season to wrestling season.  They went from trying to put weight on to taking weight off.  Before [...]

Stop Making Excuses!

Stop Making Excuses!

Stop making excuses! MAKE something HAPPEN today!   What is your biggest excuse of why you can’t start today?   Write it down then draw a line through  it’s no longer an excuse get going today!


Is a bowl of soup really a healthy winter meal?

We have always been taught from Nutritionists to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.  Often this becomes a difficult daily task.   A bowl of soup is a great way to make sure you are getting at least two of these daily servings.   Soups containing mixed vegetables will ensure you get [...]


Carob Coconut Haystacks

In the mood for a yummy chocolate treat!  I love finding and trying new recipes.   We have so much access to a variety of recipes because of the internet.  I am always on the look out and when I find them, I LOVE sharing them!  So, If you ever find something yummy you would [...]


Healthy Grilled Sweet Potato Nachos

Healthy Sweet Potato Nachos Every Sunday it has become a tradition to make nachos as my house.  We get creative with how we make them.   So, I am always on the look out for different ideas to make Nachos with a “Healthy Twist”.    Check out this yummy recipe I found. For the Nachos: [...]