Where were you at 5 am?


Saturday morning my son Parker and I ran a 1/2 marathon. Standing at the end of the race we were handed a sign that said, “Where were you at 5am?” I laughed because we spent the two previous day’s talking ourselves out of having to get up at 3:30am to run this race. Here we were on vacation and we were choosing to do this???

The only way to get to the start was riding a bus up a canyon to the start.  When we arrived at the start, in the pitch dark, we were surrounded by 3500+ runners who were just as crazy! As we watched the sun peak over the mountains we saw a beauty that only exists at these early morning hours.  I was reminded of the importance to take opportunities to allow yourself to have experiences.

It was a cancer survivor race.  At the start they had many individuals stand and share masterpapers.com their stories.  These stories were so inspirational to listen to!  It gave the crowd perspective of the gift of life!  So many were running for someone.

2 miles into the race I found myself running by another female.  I love meeting people in races.  So many times you start out as strangers and end up at friends.  The small talk started with where are you from? Then she said she was running for her dad that day. She had written all over her shirt words for her dad.  Her shirt was RED symbolic of heart disease awareness.  She had arranged a group of family and friends to run this race in remembrance of her father who she had lost a year ago from a heart attack.  I told her I was a heart attack survivor.  She became quiet and I thought maybe I should not have mentioned that.  Then she responded by telling me she had wondered if her dad would be there with her when she ran.  Out of all the runners we end up running side by side having this in common???  We both knew this was not coincidence.  Her dad was letting her know he was there that day.  After we had crossed the finish line she found me and we hugged like old friends because we had shared an experience.

Get out and take opportunities to allow yourself experiences.  Then open your eyes to see what there is to learn!

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