Do you ever UNPLUG???

My husband and I took a trip to the French polynesian islands around and including Tahiti. We decided before we left that we would put the phones and computers away for the 10 days we were gone and the only connection we would have would be with our kids. Prior to leaving we had just taken 2 trips. One week in Utah for a football camp and college trip. We returned home and the next day we left for a week family reunion at the beach. All of them were wonderful! We then had 4 days in between before my hubby and I left again for a 10 day trip. The older 2 started their first week of High School sports the younger started league football and was preparing to leave for a week for a scout camp. I had also committed myself to be on the High School football boosters and the kick off with the players for me had begun. This only names just a FEW of the things going on in my life. I don’t share this to tell you how busy I am, I share it because we all do the same thing in some shape or form…OVER COMMIT! Here I was leaving on a bucket list dream vacation with my hubby and I was so overwhelmed I wasn’t even excited to go. Can you relate? It wasn’t that my last 4 weeks had been crazy that was making me crack. It was a continuous momentum that I had been carrying for a long time that was making me feel completely overwhelmed.

When we reached our destination and my phone, email, etc… could no longer rule me I began to let go. The first day I felt like I had some sort of disorder because I didn’t know how to relax and unwind. Then my husband and I started having this thing called uninterrupted conversations and moments! This was above and beyond our average date nights. There were NO DISTRACTIONS!!! Ever since my husband and I have been married he has always been persistent about going away just the two of us. It always seems impossible to get away but it should be MANDATORY for every marriage. Even if it is 24 hours it is worth it. When my kids were little and we had no money to get away we would swap a night with family or another couple and have a stay-cation. BUT, I have learned you have to remove yourself from your environment. CHANGE in perspective gives us CHANGE in perception of what is really important for us to dedicate our time and energy too.

We visited 5 islands, one of which was Raiatea. We had the opportunity to meet a man called Hemau he took us on an adventure around the small island. He showed us his culture and how they lived and taught me about PERSPECTIVE. We would ask him questions about how they lived and his common response was, with his strong Tahitian accent, WHAT FOR??? He didn’t have a car, electricity, phone, internet, etc and lived beyond what we would call a simple life. It appeared he had nothing, was living in poverty and yet was one of the happiest people I have ever met. So did he have NOTHING compared to others or did he have EVERYTHING? He told us we were slaves to our lifestyles. WOW, that was a bold statement!!! But it made me think about the things that literally control my life that really are unnecessary. Do I focus on the things that are important or am I a slave to my unnecessary distractions?

Maybe we need to give ourselves permission to not return a message immediately, a text, email, consuming ourselves with social media, watching T.V., Netflix, movies, etc… I realized how nice it was to take a break and unplug a little more often. LOOK UP and AWAY from your electronic devices and you will be amazed with what you see. 🙂

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